Oct 23, 2023

The Best Sponge Mops for Cleaning Your Floors Within Your Home

The Magic Eraser Power Squeeze mop from Mr. Clean features a Magic Eraser pad instead of a standard sponge. The scrubber on this mop is made to handle heavy-duty floor scrubbing; it is 50 percent stronger than the popular Original Magic Eraser. The scrubber’s textured surface is made to clean dirt and grime trapped in grooves on a range of surfaces, including vinyl, tile, stone, and non-wax floors. While this scrubber isn’t recommended for hardwood floors, it can still tackle a range of flooring types.

To ensure the mop isn’t too wet, the mop features a hand-wringing mechanism on the sturdy handle. Once the sponge is at the end of its scrubbing life, replacement sponges are available.