Sep 14, 2023

Roborock's new robot vacs and mops with Siri support, reactive obstacle tech, more now up to $220 off

At IFA this year, intelligent cleaning bot brand Roborock introduced a pair of new robotic vacuums and mops that offer an enhanced and simplified cleaning experience into its mid-range lineup. While the brand certainly does offer some high-end flagship machines with all of the bells and whistles you’ll find just about anywhere, it’s new high-performance Q5 Pro and Q8 Max are looking to land right in the sweet spot for folks that don’t want to get into that $800+ range, but also require something more efficient and intelligent than the basic models out there. Both options are now seeing some serious launch deals to entice early adopters with as much as $220 in savings off the regular price tags and all of the details you need are waiting down below.

The Q5 Pro and Q8 Max enter the Roborock lineup with double the vacuum power of comparable previous-generation devices, smart enhancements across the board, new app-side features, and availability with or without the companion auto-empty dock station. For me personally, the super affordable $200 range models fall into one of two categories, they either just fail and stop charging properly at some point, or really just don’t get the job done. The new Q5 Pro and Q8 Max step up into that next category ranging from $430 to $820 (although prices are much lower than that with today’s deals), making them ideal for first-time robot cleaner owners looking to invest in something that will actually work or for folks upgrading from the most basic cleaning bots out there.

The new Q5 Pro/Pro+ doubles the vacuuming power with 5,500Pa suction power centered around the new Duoroller all-rubber brush system. Designed to offer better performance on carpeted areas than ever before, it is capable of removing 20% more hair off your floors and easily carry it around with the updated, extra-large 770ml dustbin.

HyperForce suction power has been upgraded to 5,500 Pa, allowing Q5 Pro to easily remove dirt, hair, dust and pet hair from different types of floors, leaving you with a spotless living space every time.

The new Roborock Q5 Pro also features an enhanced mopping system – one that can run at the same time as the vacuuming process to capture fine dust and dirt some robots will completely miss when vacuuming alone. It also features a convenient detachable design that makes for a simple cleaning process while helping to keep the price well below what a hybrid vacuum and mop like this might otherwise fetch.

As we mentioned above, you can score the Roborock Q5 Pro on its own or in the Roborock Q5 Pro+ bundle with the included RockDock. With this handy charging dock, your Q5 Pro will also be able to automatically empty its own dustbin for up to 7 weeks before you’ll even need to lift a finger. Its 2.5L E12-rated dust bag also helps to trap dust inside, cutting down on pet dander and other allergy-triggering dust from polluting the air in your home.

Additional features at glance

The new Q8 Max model delivers on just about all of the main enhancements found in the Q5 Pro, just with even more intelligent onboard cleaning systems and detailed mopping options.

You’ll find the same impressive 5,500Ps suction power you don’t often find in the price range as well as the upgraded dual all-rubber main brushes that ensure fewer hair tangles and 20% more hair removed from carpets. From there, the Q8 Max steps up its mopping game with 30 levels of water flow options to meet specific and situational cleaning requirements – the same simultaneous cleaning action and easy-clean detachable system described above is in place here as well.

But where the Q8 Max really demands some attention over the Q5 Pro is with its reactive tech obstacle avoidance. It leverages a structured light system mounted into the front of the robot to accurately measure the distance from various objects it might have otherwise bumped into on your floors (furniture, a pair of shoes, etc.). This allows it to quickly adjust its course and mitigate the need for you to run around the house and pick everything up off the floor – the robot should be cleaning the house for you, not the other way around.

Much like the Q5 Pro, customers have the choice between the Q8 Max or the Q8 Max+ setup with the included RockDock to add 7 weeks of autonomous dustbin emptying alongside the automatic recharging and filtration system.

Before we wrap things up, we should also note some of the major companion app enhancements both the Q5 Pro and Q8 Max can take advantage of.

Roborock has overhauled its app with a series of interesting new features. For example, the bots can now be told to clean along the direction of hardwood floors to increase efficiency and to minimize scraping across the floor boards – it will travel in rows in the direction your floorboards were laid so it doesn’t cause any damage over time. There’s also a new Fast Cleaning option – choosing an app-created “fast route” through your home can increase the time it takes the bot to cover your floor space by as much as 30% – alongside the new Smart Suggestions for No-Go Zones. The latter of which allows the robot to automatically detect and suggest No-Go Zones that will promote more efficient cleaning and help to prevent the bot for getting trapped in tight spaces or falling down – there’s nothing worse than feeling like your robot is cleaning the house while you’re out only to come home and find it has been stuck in some corner for the last two hours.

And now on to the launch deals:

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