Aug 27, 2023

Save up to $320 on Narwal’s powerful cleaning robot this Big Deal Day

This post is sponsored by Narwal.

Are you ready to give your home the gift of effortless, sparkling cleanliness this festive season? Enter Narwal, the revolutionary floor-cleaning robot that promises to make traditional mopping a thing of the past.

This Amazon Big Deal Day, the future of cleaning is not just here, it's also on an irresistible discount!

From October 10 to October 22, you can save up to $320 when you purchase one of Narwal’s robot mops on Amazon. You’ll also receive a free floor cleaner when you enter the code AP4DEAL2. Similarly, you can get an extra $50 off when you use the same code on Narwal’s website. That's a jaw-dropping total saving of $370!

There’s plenty to love about Narwal’s robot vacuum cleaner. While there are plenty of similar products on the market, there are few that can effortlessly clean to the same standard as the Narwal Freo.

Say goodbye to the hassle of repeated mopping for stubborn stains. Narwal's DirtSense™ technology, empowered by sensor arrays and advanced AI algorithms, identifies and targets areas with stubborn grime.

It doesn't just stop there. The robot will re-mop the area, washing its mop as needed until your floor shines to perfection. Say hello to deep cleaning made effortless. The DirtSense™ ensures every nook and cranny of your home radiates freshness, all while you enjoy your leisure.

Cleaning those tight corners and edges can be a hassle, but not with Narwal's patented EdgeSwing™ technology. The robot's unique twisting motion repositions it closer to walls, ensuring even the most challenging areas get the attention they deserve.

With silent brushes that delve into deeper crevices and a combination of rubber and bristle brushes for optimum dust pickup, Narwal ensures comprehensive cleaning. And maintenance? The detachable dual-side brush ensures that's a breeze too.

The genius of Narwal's design comes to the fore with its Dual Spiral Triangular Mop. Designed for maximum efficiency, this mop uses constant pressure to robustly scrub and wipe out even the most persistent stains, from coffee spills to dried-on messes.

The curved triangle design guarantees no gaps in cleaning, while the microfiber material holds twice the dampness compared to regular fibers. This ensures stubborn stains are absorbed effectively, and its long fiber design ensures larger dust particles are trapped, preventing floor scratches.

Narwal’s innovation isn’t just in cleaning but also in self-maintenance. The all-in-one station takes care of mop washing, drying, dampness control, and even solution dispensing.

With separate compartments for wet and dry waste and a combination of vacuuming and mopping features, Narwal offers a holistic cleaning solution for modern homes.

Narwal's groundbreaking features come at an unbelievable discount this Amazon Big Deal Day. On October 10th, save a whopping $320 on your robot mop purchase on Amazon and bag a floor cleaner absolutely free! Just use the code AP4DEAL2.

And the deal gets sweeter. Use the same code on Narwal's website and pocket an extra $50 off. That's a total saving of $370! Get ready to experience the future of cleaning with Narwal!

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