Sep 18, 2023

Yeedi Cube Review: The Ultimate Entry

With a self empty station, sonic oscillating mop, and fantastic object detection, the Yeedi Cube is a great option for robovac rookies.

Robot vacuums are very much the "in thing" nowadays, and there are many on the market to suit every budget. The $699 Yeedi Cube is the latest in Yeedi's line of robovacs, and this comparatively inexpensive device comes with several features that make it an excellent buy for beginners in the robot vacuum space, as well as those looking to upgrade.

The Yeedi Cube is available now from the Yeedi Store. If you are in the market for your first robot vacuum, and want a device that adds the convenience of a mopping function and self-emptying station, the Yeedi Cube should be right at the top of your list.

The Yeedi Cube is the latest flagship device from the respected smart robot vacuum brand. It takes care of vacuuming, mopping, and even cleans itself using the included Omni Station. If you want hands-free cleaning at a price point that won't break the bank, and you seek premium features, then look no further than the Yeedi Cube.

The Yeedi Cube comes in a very big box. It needs to, though, as it has lots of sizeable contents! You'll find:

Once you've unboxed your Yeedi Cube and the Omni Station, you will see that the robot vacuum follows a fairly standard form factor. The device is white, and circular, in much the same way as many of the robot vacuums on the market are.

On top you'll find the control panel, which features the spot clean, auto clean, and home button. You'll also see the sensor for the V-SLAM technology, which is what the robot uses to navigate around your home. The large-capacity 1 liter UFO water tank is also on top, with a quick release locking mechanism and a rubber carry handle to make lifting the device easy. Presumably, this is called a UFO water tank on account of its shape, and not because it can fly.

The outer edges of the robot carry the bumper, the vision and laser guidance system, edge detection sensors, the power switch, dust disposal port, the dustbin locking mechanism, and the two charging contacts (these are on the side rather than underneath).

Flip the robot on its head and you'll see what is going on underneath the vacuum. Near the front of the base you'll see the anti-drop sensors. Then there's the universal wheel at the front, flanked by the two edge brushes, and two more sensors; one for carpet detection and one for floor tracking. Then, in the middle is the main multi-surface brush, with the drive wheels on either side. At the back is the oscillating mop head.

Pretty standard in terms of appearance, then. The robot measures a touch over 13 inches in diameter and stands just under 4 inches high, so it shouldn't have any trouble getting under sofas and cupboards as long as the gap beneath is over 4 inches.

The Omni station is pretty compact as self-empty stations go. It extends 17.7 inches from the wall, with a height of 14.7 inches and a width of 15.7 inches. This is a lot smaller than other self empty stations, like the Roborock G10s and the Dreame S10, and so you shouldn't have a problem finding a space for it to live.

The front of the Omni station features a detachable base for the robot to sit on when docked, and the portal for the4 robot to enter. Looking inside the portal, you'll see the blue scrubber for cleaning the mop head, the suction inlets for emptying the dust bag and the dirty water, and the charging contacts.

On top is the dirty water tank on the left and dust bag and dustbin cover on the right. Note that there is no clean water tank here; you need to fill the clean water yourself. The rear of the Omni station houses the two-pin power cable input (so make sure you place it near a power outlet when you set it up).

With appearances dealt with, let's move on to setting the device up.

Thanks to the ease with which you can set up your Omni station and Cube robot, this is an excellent device for anyone new to robot vacuums. First, decide where the device will live. As mentioned, this needs to be in reach of a power outlet so you can plug the Omni station in.

So, power the Omni station up and switch the Cube robot on. A quick press of the home button will send the robot back to the Omni station, and here the robot can fully charge before its first use. Charging is relatively quick, so you can let it do its thing here while you have a coffee and wait for the next step.

While you wait, download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. You need this to connect to the robot and instruct it to clean remotely, plus set the device up with advanced features. You can register for an Yeedi account and set up the app ready to connect to the robot.

Once the robot has full charge, you can start the connection process. This is as simple as opening the app, tapping the Scan command, and then scanning the QR code on the vacuum, which is beneath the UFO water tank. Just pop it out of its recess, scan the QR code, and the app will identify the vacuum, guiding you through the rest of the setup process. During this it will connect to your Wi-Fi network and so on, so prepare yourself to put the password in. You can also name your robot during the setup process. I have hilariously named mine Dustbin Hoffman.

Before you start your first clean, make sure the ground is free of obstacles such as wires. Like nearly all robot vacuums, the Yeedi cannot detect wires, and will probably end up clogging the main inlet and wrapping them around the brush. Open the doors to all the rooms you want it to clean, and make sure chairs and tables are in their usual positions.

With everything connected to your smartphone and your living space prepped, you are ready to map your home. So, pop the robovac into vacuum mode (as opposed to vacuum/mop mode) and hit the clean button (it has the same arrow symbol as a play button on a music device, for context). The robot will now exit the station and do a vacuum run, while also mapping the space.

When it has finished mapping the floor space, the robot will return to the Omni station to charge up again, plus have any dust sucked out of the onboard dustbin. The basic setup is now complete!

The Yeedi Cube performs perfectly in terms of both vacuuming and mopping, and anyone who is looking for their first robot vacuum with a self-emptying station is going to love this device. The hands-off nature of the Yeedi Cube makes it incredibly convenient; you shouldn't need to touch it unless it gets stuck or you get a maintenance alert on the app.

I set the Cube up to perform a vacuum at 09:30 every day, using the schedule function within the app. This is a necessity in my home, as I have four cats, so removing their hair and dander from the carpet is a must if I want to maintain a clean home and have clean air to breathe. I am pleased to report that the Cube makes light work of cleaning my carpets.

I used the device on its strongest vacuum setting and, while it was a little on the loud side, it did an excellent job of picking up any cat hair, little bits of litter, and any other detritus that had found its way to my carpet or kitchen lino. Any crumbs of cat kibbles that tend to litter the kitchen around their feeding area were gone, and the area was spotless once the Yeedi Cube had worked its magic.

Note that the device is significantly quieter if you use it on the appropriately named "Quiet" mode, or if you use it on the "Medium" setting. If you have pets (cats in particular, who tend to be a little skittish around autonomous devices), I suggest running a few cleans on quiet mode first, simply to get your furry friends used to the idea of the vacuum.

In all, vacuuming with the Yeedi Cube works efficiently, and it is quick, too, finishing a clean of my downstairs space in as little as 30 minutes. This is great, as it means you can set the vacuum up with a scheduled clean in the morning, and it can be done and dusted (pun totally intended) before you even set foot downstairs to a dirt-free floor.

On to mopping, and this is where the Yeedi Cube shines (as will your hardfloor, laminate, tiles, or lino), as with the previous Vac 2 Pro we reviewed in 2022. The oscillating sonic mop head is excellent for giving your non-carpet floor a good scrub, and the finish is great, too, leaving no streaks.

Thanks to its oscillating sonic mop head, it even scrubs your floor, instead of just pathetically gliding the mop over the floor like most other robot mop/vacuums on the market. This is ideal, as it means you'll spend less time on actual mopping; the Cube thankfully has the gumption to deal with tougher stains and dirt.

I tested it with dried fruit cordial and (perhaps a little devil-may-care) red wine. The Cube removed both from the floor and left it glistening afterward. This is testament to the excellent design that Yeedi has adopted in developing the mop head for its new flagship robot vacuum/mop.

Once the cleaning is complete, the Cube vac will head back to the self empty station. Things can get a little loud again here as the Omni station removes the dirt from the Cube, and also empties the water from the UFO tank. It deposits the former in a dustbag, and the latter in a water tank, which you'll need to empty.

With emptying complete, the Omni Station cleans and dries the mop head. This is an outstanding feature at this price point. It helps keep bacteria at bay, which in turn prevents the mop head from smelling bad, which it would if you left it to dry itself. Nobody wants to clean their floor with a mop that smells of damp; it defeats the object entirely!

In all, I am very happy with the results when cleaning with the Yeedi Cube, and I venture that many other people will be, too.

Would I recommend the Yeedi Cube and Omni Station? I certainly would. If you are new to robot vacuums, are seeking a device that can taike care of mopping, and that will self-empty into a dedicated station, then this is the device for you. If you have a robot vacuum already, but you need to empty it yourself frequently, do yourself a favor and grab a Yeedi Cube; you won't regret it.

With excellent VSLAM tech, powerful vacuum suction, and an oscillating sonic mop head, you can rest assured that the Yeedi Cube will leave your floors spotless while you don't even need to lift a finger. Perfect!

The Yeedi Cube is the latest flagship device from the respected smart robot vacuum brand. It takes care of vacuuming, mopping, and even cleans itself using the included Omni Station. If you want hands-free cleaning at a price point that won't break the bank, and you seek premium features, then look no further than the Yeedi Cube.

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