Mar 24, 2024

Sheffield Christian charity appeals for information after van is stolen

The charity is asking for information and prayers after the theft

A Sheffield Christian charity is praying for a miracle after their van was stolen.

The Besom In Sheffield says its white van was taken from Bromwich Road, Woodseats, between 6pm Thursday and 9am Friday July 14. The registration number is LJ65 USE. The charity is based at 9 Linden Avenue, Woodseats. A spokesman said they paid £12,500 for it four years ago and police had been informed. Call 101 with information.



The Besom says it helps followers of Jesus to give to those in need. It announced the theft on its Facebook page.

Pauline Dodsworth responded: ‘That's dreadful. What can they do with it? Respray it? I'll pray for you all, and the van’.